About Us

SlateXP, Inc. is an e-learning and training services provider in the United States. The company provides e-learning education services via its SlateXP Learning Management Platform and traditional brick and mortar schools to K-12 schools, alternative education entities, government agencies and corporate enterprises. These products and services include interactive distance learning applications, multimedia educational content delivery, vocational/career training courses and online professional development management.

What SlateXP Offers

SlateXP's products and services focus on enhancing the portability and richness of the educational experience for the entire community. XP (cross-platform) is a rich portal platform in front of a fully integrated Microsoft technology suite and is further distinguished by its ability to integrate with partner and customer applications. SlateXP offers an integrated learning management system with a social networking and gaming "sleeve" that results in the ultimate collaborative experience.

SlateXP believes the time is right for an online community of ideas. The evolution of technology, ubiquitous nature of the Internet, power of the average computer and untapped teacher resources align to create a unique opportunity to succeed in education the way no one has to date. Education must evolve to meet the needs of today’s students. Practice has been to force kids into an educational model developed in the 19th century using tools and technology developed in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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