Protect students, improve behavior

Securus improves students school behavior immediately. Implemented in more than 2000  schools worldwide, Securus reassures staff, parents, and communities of their child's safety.

Network managersDistricts/Schools >
Every school must protect its students while using school computers and the internet. But it can be difficult to know what the risks are or when students are vulnerable.
Local authorites and grids for learningEducational Service Agencies >
We help regional educational service agencies establish their own managed service across schools in their area, raising outcomes for education and reducing e-safety fears.
Network managersNetwork Managers >
We provide the best possible tools to implement AUPs, guard network security and restrict the unauthorized use of applications, websites and proxy unblockers.
Senior managersLeadership Teams >
We empower school staff to tackle bullying, keep students on-task during computer lessons and meet duty of care responsibilities.



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Network Managers

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