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Districts, Schools, and E-Safety

Every school must protect its students while using school computers and the internet. But it can be difficult to know what the risks are or when students are vulnerable. By monitoring safety problems, and actively addressing them, schools increase their ability to avoid or respond to a crisis. Securus monitors every computer in a school. It provides a simple way to identify e-safety risks and detect when your students:

  • Use hurtful or bullying language
  • View harmful images, content or websites
  • Upload unsuitable content over your network
  • Show potential signs of abuse.

Meet your duty to provide equal protection to students

With Securus in place, you can be confident that your students are using computers and the internet appropriately. It reassures school leaders, staff, students and parents, that your school is safe. This enables you to:

  • Respond to child protection concerns
  • Ensure your e-safety measures are effective
  • Limit legal liability
  • Reinforce your reputation as an outstanding school

Detect issues within your school

Most schools use an internet filtering system to block unsuitable websites. While this is important, internet filters cannot alert you to issues inside your school. Securus captures safeguarding concerns in any computer program, including:

  • Emails and instant messaging
  • Websites, blogs and social networking sites
  • Word, PowerPoint and other classroom tools
  • Inappropriate materials being transmitted over your network and computers.
  • Explicit images and downloads

Teach students about e-safety

Students will be allowed to learn what is safe and unsafe, preparing them for using the internet safely at home  and as they eventually take on the responsibility of college and a career.

Securus enables schools to:

  • Teach students using real e-safety situations
  • Develop key computer literacy skills
  • Support students when they need help
  • Reduce staff fears about using new technologies
  • Encourage parents to think about e-safety
  • Entertain fewer blocking and filtering restrictions.

Talk to us about your e-safety

We would like to show you how Securus works and how it can deliver e-safety in your school. We offer short online demonstrations where you can ask us about e-safety.

To find out more:

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