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Educational Service Agencies

Some ESA's run Securus as a managed service for their member districts.  This reduces costs and improves student safety and behavior.  With different circumstances in each ESA, we will help you build a monitoring infrastructure that is customized to your local needs and budgets. A service managed by an ESA can cover all member districts or single member districts. The ESA chooses whether to host the server and, in some circumstances, manage user alerts and violations.

Raise standards

Monitoring a number of schools or networks together, Securus helps you to:

  • Raise e-safety standards
  • Limit liability
  • Meet Every Child Matters requirements
  • Boost classroom behavior and attendance
  • Curb cyberbullying (of students or staff)

Benefits of hosting an ESA managed service across your region include:

  • Protecting schools that lack technical support
  • Reducing hardware and licensing costs
  • Safety for every school, teacher and


For more details, call Kevin Hendrix (Education and child protection adviser) at 205-259-2689 or email