How Safe are your Students?

Students need to be protected from bullying and harm when they're using your school's computers. Too many schools rely on internet blocking software to keep their students safe. Blocking can be bypassed, while cyberbullying and offline misuse goes undetected.

Securus is different

Securus monitors each computer for inappropriate use and alerts you if your students use:

  • Bullying or threatening behavior
  • Inappropriate internet sites
  • Computers for unacceptable personal use during lessons

It also notifies you of potentially harmful situations, such as:

  • Signs of depression or suicide
  • Predator grooming
  • Sexual, racial, or religious harassment
  • Drugs, pornography, or gambling

Excellence in e-safety

Safer than using blocking software alone, Securus covers all of your computer applications. It also alerts you when 'proxy bypass' sites have been used to bypass your internet blocking.

With more than 2000 schools already protected, Securus helps you:

  • Protect your students properly
  • Change unacceptable behavior and enforce school policies
  • Teach students to stay safe, both online and offline


Excellence in E-Safety

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