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Features and tools

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Securus is a powerful way to curb cyberbullying and improve learning. Its customizable tools also protect your network’s security. SlateXP offers Securus as a cloud-based solution, so there's no need to purchase and maintain additional equipment.

  • Simple client network deployment package.
  • Easy for teaching staff to manage content
  • No extra Windows operating or SQL licenses required
  • No extra server required
  • Full technical support

Online and offline monitoring

As a network solution, Securus covers all computer use and every application, including:

  • All web activity, including social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • All online applications, like email and MSN Messenger
  • All offline applications, such as Word and PowerPoint
  • School laptops, even when disconnected from the school network
  • All activity during lessons, even if content is unsaved or deleted

Blocking and filtering

Securus is available with advanced controls for blocking and filtering web access, allowing you to manage:

  • AUP display and acceptance
  • Time, applications and user permissions
  • Access to unsuitable sites
  • Unauthorized use of proxy bypass sites

Network management

Use Securus to protect the integrity of your network with tools that monitor and block:

  • Attempts at hacking
  • Use of network passwords
  • Files downloaded from memory sticks
  • Unauthorized applications
  • Encrypted files


With its proprietary operating system, Securus is totally secure.

  • Tamper-proof server
  • Anti-virus proof
  • Evidence cannot be altered or deleted
  • Staff protected from false accusations of tampering

Comprehensive libraries

Securus is designed for schools and recognizes the words and phrases that your students use, such as slang and text speak. Libraries cover bullying, racism, predator grooming, swearing/inappropriate language, pornography, drugs, weapons, gambling and hacking/proxy websites.

  • Pre-defined policies, word and phrase lists
  • Twelve comprehensive libraries
  • Fully customizable - add your own extra words and phrases
  • Regularly updated

Customizable alerting and reporting

Securus is easy to manage and flexible to customize.

  • View violations from any PC at any time
  • Captures screenshot evidence of any misuse
  • Records the time, date, nature of each violation
  • Alerts staff of inappropriate activity or potentially serious situations automatically
  • Ability to adapt severity coding according to student well-being concerns
  • Run regular violation reports


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