Why school computers need monitoring

Securus offers unparalleled e-safety protection. It also supports effective learning by transforming the way students use your technology infrastructure.

Stamp out cyberbullying and racism

Victims of bullying are often reluctant to seek help, making cyberbullying difficult to detect. Securus enforces your anti-bullying policy by bringing bullying and racism to light and detects both:

  • 'Confessional' messages sent by the victim
  • Threatening and abusive content sent by the bully

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Keep students safe online

Thousands of proxy bypass sites exist, which allow your students to avoid your blocking software and give unrestricted access to banned websites and chat rooms (15,000 identified by RM - May 2007).

By monitoring instead of blocking, Securus offers a greater level of protection and helps you to:

  • Detect when proxy bypass sites have been used
  • Stop downloads of obscene or offensive content
  • Get an early warning of predator grooming
  • Know when students are planning to meet people they don't know

Pick up 'cries for help'

Securus identifies harmful situations as they arise, protecting children from emotional or physical harm. Alerting you to the risk allows you to:

  • Reduce fears over suicide, self-harm and abuse
  • Take appropriate action quickly
  • Strengthen your counseling and student services resources.

Improve classroom behavior

Securus supports effective learning by reducing computer misuse in lessons, allowing you to:

  • Curb personal website use
  • Ensure computer activity is on-task
  • Control access to computer programs
  • Encourage responsible computer behavior and enforce your AUP
  • Teach students how to act responsibly and safely online

By capturing evidence of any misuse, Securus also empowers teaching staff. Incidents are dealt with outside the classroom and disruptive classroom behavior is reduced.



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