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Securus eases the burden of enforcing your school's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) by managing computer misuse effectively. You also should know:

Blocking and Filtering are not Enough

More effective than blocking software alone, Securus:

  • Reduces the level of computer misuse.
  • Detects, records and reports all violations outside your school's AUP
  • Detects use of proxy bypass sites that allow students to bypass firewalls.
  • Detects inappropriate sites visited even when your content filter has been bypassed.
  • Detects all forms of abuse and obscene content
  • Covers all computer applications/use, not just internet
  • Identifies who is misusing your computer network with evidence of where
    and when

Easy to install

While Securus is designed to 'plug-and-play', its powerful tools give you full control over your network.

  • Hosted in the cloud. No additional servers or software required
  • Simple network software deployment
  • Active directory compatible
  • Minimal network impact
  • Can be locally, centrally or remotely hosted

Easy to manage and customize

  • Simple to use, allowing staff to manage violations
  • Full customer support
  • Flexible customization for optimizing use


  • Tamper-proof hardware means violations cannot be edited/deleted
  • Security cannot be bypassed
  • Conflict free - Applications as well as Anti-Virus
  • Secure proprietary operating system

Network control

  • Detect unwanted applications that have been added to networked computers.
  • Be aware of attempts to hack your network or use your passwords
  • Picks up files brought in on memory sticks
  • Picks up encrypted sites including incognito/In-Private browser sessions.



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