Prevent and tackle cyberbullying

Be vigilant for online bullying. Securus monitors your school's computers to detect child protection incidents. It also encourages students to behave more responsibly and makes learners feel safe.

Securus scans every word that appears on a computer or latop screen. It recognizes offensive or bullying words and phrases. Anything of concern is captured as a picture of the screen and stored for you to act upon. 

Detect cyberbullying as it happens

Securus uses a dedicated bullying library to detect bullying messages, posts and comments that are made online or in a computer program.

  • Monitors every computer, including laptops, 24/7
  • Picks up bullying in emails, social networking sites and instant messages
  • Captures bullying typed into documents, like Word and PowerPoint

Immediate warning of child protection issues

Victims of bullying are often reluctant to report harassment and seek help. Securus alerts you to serious incidents even when these have gone unreported. If you suspect bullying, add your own words to a custom library.

  • Email alerts notify you of particularly serious situations
  • Indicates whether the bullying was typed or received
  • Reports allow you to watch individual students you suspect are being bullied
  • Add a student's nickname or a gang name to pinpoint local issues

Tackle bullying quickly

Cyberbullying can take place 24/7 with the potential to spread quickly and further than other forms of bullying. Securus enables you to intervene at an early stage to protect victims and prevent abuse.

  • Alerts you to bullying sent by the bully
  • Detects bullying received by the victim or opened by a bystander
  • Students know that bullying will be detected
  • Acts as an effective deterrent

Provides evidence of cyberbullying

A capture is taken of the screen whenever inappropriate language is detected. This lets you know what happened and who was involved.

  • Shows the context of the situation
  • Captures slang and SMS or text-speak
  • Incidents are weighted to highlight the most urgent
  • Share the evidence with those involved including parents or legal guardians.

Promotes positive behavior

Securus helps learners to feel safe and learn how to act responsibly.

  • Use evidence of bullying to change the behavior of those involved
  • Reassures students that reports of bullying will be acted upon
  • Use examples captured by Securus for prevention and awareness
  • Encourages students to report bullying, including cyberbullying at home



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