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Leadership Teams

Every school has to stay vigilant for bullying or harmful behavior and meet the needs of its most vulnerable students. By establishing clear guidelines for and monitoring computer use, Securus safeguards your students. It also transforms behavior in lessons, empowers teaching staff and protects your network from harmful activity.

Protecting students

Securus gives your students the freedom to use the internet and computer applications responsibly. They understand clear boundaries and what will happen if these are ignored.

  • Bullies know their behavior will be identified and captured
  • Victims do not need to come forward as bullying is no longer anonymous
  • Students know that internet shopping or email banter will be monitored
  • Students taught how to be safe
  • Provides a safety net for those who put themselves at risk

Supporting teachers

Introducing Securus into your school supports your teachers, in and out of the classroom. Acting as a deterrent and providing impartial evidence, when required, will:

  • Boost student learning and keep lessons on-task
  • Identify children who are pushing the boundaries
  • Take confrontations out of the class
  • Establish clear evidence of computer misuse
  • Increase staff morale
  • Make enforcement easier

By making staff aware of the issues as soon as they happen, Securus reassures teachers and gives them the information they need to act quickly and appropriately.  Impartial evidence also protects staff against false accusations and stops them becoming a target of bullying themselves.

Reassuring school leaders, parents, and community

Securus reassures school leaders, parents and community about:

  • Safety from online threats and bullying while at school
  • Reinforcing reputation as a 'best practice' school
  • Empowering teachers through evidence to discuss with parents
  • Limiting liability
  • Flagging up inappropriate use by staff

Installing Securus for your school sends out a positive message. It demonstrates you take your duty of care seriously to staff, parents, and other education authorities.

Providing counseling services

Securus staff supports your Student Support Services team, and counselors by ensuring all interested stakeholders are engaged in the establishment of:

  • Cyberbullying guidelines, integral to anti-bullying/behavior policies as well as computer policies
  • Clear structure to follow up actions or sanctions